Working together to solve poverty in


Hartlepool Action Lab is a flexible and dynamic collection of individuals, community groups and organisations, voluntary and public sector agencies, and businesses. Joining together, through dialogue, to better understand the challenges experienced by people in the town and identify and develop working solutions that provide people with routes out of poverty.



— Volunteering

We can support you to become a volunteer and begin your journey back into paid work. Alternatively, you may just want to give back to your community.


— Build Networks

The Hartlepool Action Lab is made up of several different projects which work together. Our shared goal is to reduce the effects of poverty, and ensure people have more money in their pockets in our town.


— Strengthen

We aim to strengthen communities of Hartlepool and highlight the resilience of those experiencing poverty, working with them to find a sustainable way of living.


— Connect

We can connect you to people who can offer expert support with benefits advice, debt advice and energy advice. We help support families and individuals to learn about better ways of managing money. All of these things are aimed at maximising your income and reducing daily living costs.


— Plan

The Journey we have taken to date is now shaping our path forward. Learning from our experiences and recent conversations, points us in a clear direction: to do what we do better, and to create new ways in which more people can connect with, join and add to the Hartlepool Action Lab.


— Measure

We have set ourselves a series of outcomes: More people are taking social action to solve poverty; More people are learning new skills ; more people are better connected; More people feel positive. We have a set of indicators which highlight if we are being successful in these areas, which we will use to measure the impact of our work..



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