Hartlepool’s £1,000,000 Challenge: Impact

Working together to solve poverty in Hartlepool

Our aim is to put £1,000,000 into Hartlepool people's pockets by the end of 2018
Our potential progress so far? (updated 16 July)
Advocates' Activity
Food and Fuel Fairs & Events
Hartlepool Food Network
Welfare benefits take-up

22 tariffs switched, saving £4,115

Warm Homes Discount identified, saving £140

Account credit claimed, saving £249

Energy debt write off, saving £880

10 energy efficiency measures applied for, saving £16,940

Charitable grant secured, generating £200

Account credit claimed, generating £249

7 water meter referrals, saving £700

2 welfare benefit referrals made, generating £4,540

(16 July)

5 tariffs switched, saving £1168

Warm Homes Discount identified, saving £280

Account credit claimed, saving £600

Energy debt write off, saving £800

7 energy efficiency measures applied for (e.g. boilers and insulation), saving £7,860

Sanitary products distributed, saving £37

6 Local Welfare Support applications granted by Hartlepool Borough Council, generating £9,062

5 water meters requested, saving £500

Welfare benefit applications made or appealed, generating £48,445

(16 July)

Est. 130 variations of foodstuff secured

At least 15,000 units of foodstuff secured

8 retailers donating into the Network

(23 July)

43 welfare benefit applications made or appealed

(16 July)


Most of the figures above are projections and we still have work to do before the pounds land in people's pockets. Any projections that are not realised are removed. Some figures, for example energy savings and welfare benefits take-up, will be realised over a year; however, others, for example boiler replacements and sanitary product distribution, will be realised immediately.


Advocates | Craig Turner, Linn Eklund, Helen Laws, Philip Thompson, Sandra Lindridge, Jill Barrett, Samir Brahimi, Mary Diver, Juli Simons, Sheila Collins, Carol Dees and Tracey Cartwright

Supporting agencies | Hartlepower, npower, Hartlepool Water, Hartlepool Borough Council, Citizens Advice, West View Advice and Resource Centre, Belle Vue Centre

The Food and Fuel Fair team | Alex Sedgwick, Mark Eltringham, Helen Laws, Jill Barrett, Lucy Patterson, Philip Thompson, Sam Blackwood and Steven Carter

Hartlepool Food Network | Volunteer drivers: Peter Gowland, Phil Thompson, Penny Thompson, Jill Barrett, Paul R Hewitson, Julie Dixon, Malcolm Walker, Andy Grey, John Brough. Retail partners: Lidl, Booker, Greggs, M&S, Tesco.

Welfare benefits team | West View Advice and Resource Centre and Thirteen Group

And to the various community members, community venues and organisations who have contributed to the Challenge.

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