Food and Fuel Fair 13th November 2019


This is where our next Food and Fuel Fair will be held so come along if you want to see if there could be more money owed to you.

Our Food and Fuel Fairs are a gathering of local organisations and services all with the goal of making sure you have the right money in your pocket. We can support and talk about claiming benefits payments and what maybe owed to you. Discuss energy tariffs, smart meters and ways to make your home more energy efficient so that your household bills reduce. You can discuss your personal, physical and mental health issues with staff from local organisations such as Hartlepool MIND.

It’s also just a place for you to come and have a chat in a friendly and supportive environment, without the fear of being judged or misrepresented. We have no agenda other than making sure the people of this town have access to the tools to live with the dignity they deserve.

There is also the chance of getting a free slow cooker with recipe advice and free spices so that you can eat healthier meals on a budget.

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