Food Network

Working TOgether To solve poverty in hartlepool

Hartlepool Food Network collect fresh food and re-distributes it to people through a network of volunteer drivers and agencies. We collect from local supermarkets, businesses and growers to ensure that as little food as possible is wasted. We have a number of “community fridges” located throughout the town to store food in, it is then taken by those who can use it so that as little waste is produced as possible.

Our team of volunteer drivers collect surplus food from retailers which would have otherwise been disposed of. We then re-distribute this food to people experiencing food poverty through a network of community and voluntary agencies.

We Support
Hartlepool Food Network also helps individuals and families with recipe advice and cooking tips to eat healthier for cheaper
We Work Together
Our network of volunteers and agencies work together to host events and reach as many people as we can to ensure no food goes to waste.
We Advise
We provide advice on ways to ensure you have more money in your pocket. Money you may be missing out on through unclaimed benefit payments, paying to much for your energy bills or through wasting food.

Our Food and Fuel Fair’s are hosted regularly throughout the year in different community locations. We can connect you to services which can improve your daily living such as  benefit advice, energy advice and mental health support. You can also get a free slow cooker and recipe book aimed at helping you eat healthier for less.


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