Good and Bad Help

Good HelpThe team at JRHT recently took part in a Good Help Event for the city of York. The publication behind this meeting is available here Good and Bad Help: How purpose and confidence transform lives. Good help is a fantastic approach to helping services reflect on the support they are providing people and discover if they are actually providing bad help as opposed to good. The publication describes, in great detail, what good help is and also what bad help looks like. It also goes on to explain the effects good and bad help has on those in receipt of it. 

This maybe something we can look at bringing to the town of Hartlepool and it would require a town wide movement and monumental shifting of mindsets to work together as one. Not from ourselves of course as we work together and The city of York and JRF/JRHT really are trailblazers in this field and if we can transfer this kind of positive community led, empowering delivery of service to Hartlepool, everyone will benefit.

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