Hartlepool Action Lab communtiy research is go!

And we’re off! The Hartlepool Action Lab community research team is up and running again.

We’re pleased to be working with a diverse range of local experts, who are giving their time on a voluntary basis to help us better understand poverty in Hartlepool.

Community research – finding things out through having conversations with local people – is a crucial part of the Hartlepool Action Lab. It ensures our work is grounded in the experiences and expertise of people living in Hartlepool.

During the first three sessions researchers got to grips with participatory learning and action techniques, with training provided by 3Ps Consultancy. Researchers have developed their own definitions of poverty and are planning where and when to get out to speak to people.

At the end of the training, researchers will be supported by the Workers’ Education Association to to sit an assessment for a formal qualification in research skills.

The knowledge and personal experience within the research teams is one of its key strengths. Researchers have told stories of what it is like to experience poverty in Hartlepool; and its inspiring to be working with them to research potential solutions to some of the issues they face.

What will be researching?

Poverty is about not having enough resources for a decent standard of living.

One way of supporting people experiencing poverty could be to increase their income, for example through benefits or wages.

A second way could be to make life more affordable, to bring down the cost of living.

So, what makes life unaffordable and how can we make life more affordable? 

If you live or work in Hartlepool and have ideas, we would like to hear from you.

Get in touch with us via hello@hartlepoolactionlab.org and keep up to date with the team’s progress at www.twitter.com/HartActionLab.