We hope to provide the opportunity to every young person leaving care in Hartlepool, to create through the refurbishment of empty properties, their own sustainable home, by 2020.

There are 233 privately owned, vacant properties in Hartlepool. In addition, Hartlepool has an above average number of young care leavers – 120 – who are disproportionately vulnerable to becoming homeless. By offering care leavers the opportunity to refurbish and eventually live in currently vacant properties, the project aims to address two significant issues.

Group Project With Housing Heroes

Since setting up in June 2016, the project has:

  • Finalised a business plan outlining how the project expects to financially sustain itself over the long-term
  • Submitted applications to grant-makers and social investors to finance the business plan, with a decision forthcoming. A positive decision would mean the project can secure a property for its young people to begin renovating.
  • Is looking to pilot its approach on a small scale before scaling-up incrementally on an annual basis
  • Continues to engage with young care leavers, to ensure their aspirations and perspectives remain at the centre of the project. A challenging element to the project, the project team is developing new approaches to engagement. For example, the project team has organised taster construction days and team recently spoke at a young care leavers’ event.


Contact us if

  • You are or know a young care leaver who may want to engage with the project
  • You are a funder with an interest in housing, employment or homelessness prevention
  • You own vacant property in Hartlepool
  • You would like to volunteer to support the project

To get involved with this project please contact: housingheroes.hartlepool@gmail.com