Making human Rights Accessible

Making Human Rights Accessible

The team at Stronger Neighbourhood’s took part in an event with Global Dialogue recently, the event was about making human rights accessible. Arranged by the team at The Wharton Trust, Global Dialogue hosted 2 other events in Birkenhead and London. The idea was to create a focus group for this town to pass idea’s onto Global Dialogue about how human rights, more specifically how using the Human Rights Act 1998, could benefit the people of Hartlepool.

A human rights approach can be applied to a lot of situations we face daily as part of the HAL however, it is often not the first approach which comes to our minds. If anyone would like to read the Human Rights Act 1998 you can do so by clicking here. At first glance it can be quite intimidating and you may be unable to relate it to your work. However, the advice is that you do not need to know the entire act front to back. You only need to pick out a specific part which you feel is being breached by the person you are supporting at the time. You can then contact the person/service/organisation who are committing the breach and register a breach of the Human Rights Act 1998 via their complaints process.

The session proved to be very worthwhile for all in attendance and Global Dialogue are taking away what was discussed, and finding a way to transfer that into funding. The funding will be used to make human rights more accessible for those who need it in Hartlepool

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