National Holocaust Memorial Day : Stand Together

Stand Together

Monday 27th January saw the commemoration event for the National Holocaust Memorial Day at Hartlepool College of Further Education. The event was set up by Hartlepool Borough Council Youth team and inspirational young people who wanted to spread the message – Stand Together. The holocaust was the backdrop of the messaging but the principles of dehumanisation of groups such as homeless, addicts or asylum seekers are still happening today.

We have an obligation to all those who lost their lives to such atrocities, to not make the same mistakes and not allow our society to be one which turns the other cheek. Compassion for others and a willingness to accept diversity in our communities will enable us all, as people and as a town to prosper.

Butterfly’s have been decorated by young people in Hartlepool and once all collected in will be on display an the art museum from the 1st week in february. The idea comes from the poem “The Butterfly”  by Pavel Friedmann who died in a concentration camp. Butterflies are a symbol of difference and diversity because, just like humans, no two butterflies are exactly the same.

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