OXFEST in numbers

Working together to solve poverty in Hartlepool

As we previously announced OXFEST was a great success and we have began collating the information we received on the day, This will give us our focal points for the immediate future and beyond. The following statistics show the impact we had on the day of OXFEST but this is only the beginning of what we will achieve. Local media covered the event and shone a positive light on the area, on the resilience of those experiencing poverty and on the relationships between residents.

People Registered
(inc. Children)
Services attended*

*Hartlepool Mind; Hartlepool Borough Council; West View Advice and Resource Centre; The Annexe; Citizens Advice; Sexual Health; Terrance Higgins Trust; Thirteen Group; HBC Children Services; Ward Councillors, Hartlepool Action Recovery Team(HART); Cornerstone; HBC Community Services; Cleveland Police.

Bottles of Milk & Loafs of Bread given away
People aware of the Food Network
Suggestions Recieved to improve the local area

This feedback gives us a solid starting point and an honest insight into the real problems going on in the area. We will use this information and work with local people and local organisations to bring about change. If you would like to get in touch or involved please don’t hesitate to do so. It is by working together that we can look to bring around social change in the town. Poverty is a complex issue and it requires complex strategies to tackle it. Anyone at anytime is at risk of falling below the poverty line, by looking out for each other we can make sure we all have a safety net in place should it ever happen to us.

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