Update on the Poolie Time Exchange

The Poolie Time Exchange is one of three Hartlepool Action Lab projects. It has come along way since it formed in June 2016.

Here are a few areas where the project is making a breakthrough.

The Poolie Time Exchange:

    • Has recruited 69 volunteers who have recently supported the Marie Curie charity, fire service, an NHS trust and a number of local residents
    • Set up a Facebook group which now has 1,700 members
    • Continues to engage with other groups and organisations in the North East, to share learning from the Poolie Time Exchange approach
    • Is working to expand the number of Poolie Time Exchange ‘hubs’ (organisations that match volunteers to local community members)
    • Is working with local organisations who are providing in-kind resources to help volunteers to lift themselves out of poverty

To get in touch with the Poolie Time Exchange, email hello@hartlepoolactionlab.org